Senator Hatfield represents who Oregon is.
Who Oregon wants to be.


Photo courtesy of Visko Hatfield

YES you can count on me to support a statue of U.S. Senator Mark O. Hatfield in the National Statuary Hall.


President Abe Lincoln signed the original National Statuary Hall Bill in 1864, granting each state legislature the authority to choose two statues of its own historical significance for display in our Nation’s Capitol.  Oregon’s two contributions, placed in 1953, are Dr. John McLoughlin and Jason Lee.  These two Oregonians were logical choices for Oregon; both have had an undeniable influence on our State’s history.

Today, the time has come to update Oregon’s presence at the National Statuary Hall.  Senator Hatfield’s legacy inspires our aging generation and challenges the one yet to come.

HB 2387 directs the Oregon Historical Society to undertake the fund-raising and commissioning of a statue of U.S. Senator Mark Odom Hatfield, to be placed in National Statuary Hall in United States Capitol.


The creation and transportation costs of the statue is estimated to be between $350,000 to $500,000.  Your pledge is vital to not only assure Legislators that this effort has the support of the private community, but in making this effort a reality!


Fill out my online form.

Thank you!

Disclaimer:  This pledge does not constitute a binding promise of financial contribution.  Individuals will be contacted as part of official fundraising campaign upon passage of HB 2387.